Binder, 2019

video for projection 3:47

Beginning with an enquiry into the haptic qualities of a library as a place for communal gathering, Binder explores books as a common sensory object. Libraries have political value beyond the content of books. Reading is known to have a myriad of mental health benefits (reducing stress and depression), and even making us more confident and empathetic. Binder abstracts the visceral characteristics of the book and customary acts of reading, bringing into question the potential for books to be an elixir for community and wellbeing.

BEAF (Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe) Festival Commission 2019

With special thanks to Janet Burrows from Shared Reading Group at Boscombe Library, Keirone Capstack of Frog Bros Comics & Books and others who wish to remain anonymous for your conversations and thoughts which inspired and informed the making of Binder.