The Modern Dance

After we’d made our way down the steep metal stairs into the gorge, the guide started playing guitar. It was floating, pleasant music, a classical fingerpicked tune – in part a way for him to pass the time while the group moved and gathered slowly, and in part to show off the sound as it bounced and echoed around the stone walls.

Rough Play

Rough Play is a new work by Laura Eldret that originated from a series of workshops on play fighting hosted with children between the age of five and sixteen in the spring of 2013 at the South London Gallery as part of the SLG local initiative and in close conversation with the education team at the South London Gallery.

Following her interest in exploring divergent aspects of how groups of people gather she set about exploring play fighting through workshops.

Muster (Script)

Laura Eldret Muster SCRIPT Exterior, daytime. A pair of columns flank the view of a body of water with land beyond. The wind blows gently and boats can be seen bobbing about. The sky is clear and all seems calm. DIRECTOR (shouting) That’s it, that’s it, let’s hold the scene a while and then … […]

Power and Spectatorship

In Laura Eldret’s ‘Power Plays’ we are presented with two studies of the collective actions of individuals brought together by common interests or passions. Rather than offering a glimpse of utopian social cohesion, these works explores how fractures and disjunctions act as a generative social force. Working with groups and individuals, Eldret seeks to simultaneously […]