Recent projects and works by Laura Eldret fao ACE:


Close (enough) is a new body of work by Laura Eldret that reflects on the physicality of familial life and wider notions of intimacy, togetherness, need and care. Generated from interviews with mothers, the work explores these concerns in an era of increased physical distance and isolation. Consisting of a fabric hanging, a video work and a print edition, Close (enough) centres on a new linear pattern that invokes boundaries of touch, pleasure and pain. The video is an intense collage of interview extracts, offset against visual imagery of a mirror ball, glassware display, patterns and text.
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Conventions is an exploration of the sensory points of communal spaces, the uses and behaviours that they engender. Laura Eldret’s new work suggests that spaces such as community halls or conference centres are both tactile and social, involving a deep awareness of others: in such spaces, chairs are for many bottoms to sit on, cups are for many hands to hold, and carpets for numerous feet to walk across. Conventions reflects on commonalities between social groups, suggesting shapes, abstract forms and patterns of activities to hold these unities. Consisting of a floor-based installation of carpeting, a draped bench, chairs, a tea trolley and prototype cast concrete cups, the work invites visitors to tune into the haptic qualities of the spaces in which social interactions take place… more info


More Than Ponies (MTP) is an artist-led programme of contemporary art projects, performances and interventions. MTP investigates the many unexpected stories, histories, practices and ecologies of this unique area. An occasional programme that explores ideas of people and place, MTP generate artworks for and about the diverse populations of the New Forest, from tourists and residents to birds and fourlegged beasts. Like the animals that live here, MTP is roaming, moving continuously across multiple sites and venues. We aim to look beyond the infamous ponies to discover what makes this such a resonant place today… more info