Citizenship Project

2013 - research project

The Citizen Project explores issues of youth, citizenship and pedagogy, questioning social values and the idea of ‘the citizen’. The project invokes the idea that children’s ‘specialism’ is play, fantasy and imagination.

Beginning as an enquiry into children’s and adults’ imagination of the workplace, the Citizen Project explores children’s perceived horizons within multi-layered communities and classes in Britain today and their expectations of the future. Research in practice included draw-and-talk workshops with children asking them: ‘what does work looks like to you’, amongst other questions. Children’s ideas of work range from going to an office, to being pilots, or even a difficulty imagining work (their parents may not work formally – e.g unable to work, stay at home parents and/or unemployed). Sessions took place a series of sessions Voicing Work at Camden Art Centre and a workshop at Drawing Room, London.