And over to you …

URRA Gasworks residency in Buenos Aires 2016

And Over to You… is a research project that investigates the ways in which people perform and perpetuate collective identities, with a focus on Welsh-Argentinian mythologies and histories. The project explores the remote utopian ideals of Welshness in Argentina, asking: is it only when one lives outside of an originary ‘homeland’ that a place’s utopian ideals can be realised? What kind of tensions does this sense of remote identity produce?

The work seeks to establish the generative possibilities of multilingual places, identify ways collective identities are exported (and imported) and how making (textiles, performance and video) can forge trans-regional connections.

The residency included visiting the Chubut valley and Welsh colonies of Patagonia, exploring the ways in which people present their community-binding mythologies for themselves and outsiders.