Vista of Calm, 2014

unique hand printed fabric, 2 x 3 metre

Vista of Calm is an artwork informed by a workshop in which participants designed and created a print of their own personal symbols and motifs. Eldret has then used these symbols to created a new banner artwork that could be read as a ceremonial cloth for promoting a sense of calm. The banner is a laboured work heavy with ink, featuring block printing from a specially carved lino, large stencilled areas, and hand painted motifs. It seeks to honour the participants’ creative input by utilising elements of traditional time-consuming craft processes. Its pattern is informed by the idea of white noise. Audible white noise is a recognised method of producing calm; visual white noise, or ‘visual snow’, however, is often associated with a sense of disturbance or disorder.

This work is part of Eldret’s ongoing studio-based practice making fabric banner works. These works continue her interest in exploring social formats and appropriation of existing social forms, drawing upon everyday notices, banners and flags that delineate territories or behaviour in public spaces. Examples include corporate advertisements placed around the streets, proscriptive public signage, celebratory flags, and sheets and notices installed by the Occupy protest movements.

Part of a project for Mental Fight Club Dragon Café, Southwark, London.

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