Artist Statement

July 2017

I explore social forms by looking at divergent aspects of how and why groups of people gather. I explore the agency of art within this broad cultural sphere, and am interested in aesthetic elements that bind people together. I have an ongoing interest in contrasts between free action, rule-bound behaviour and reiterations (repetition as a process of refinement).

Central to my work is a fascination with the ways that people come together to perform and perpetuate cultural identities, for example the politics and export of collective identities. I make performances, events, videos, drawings, sculpture, installation, posters and fabric works. Previously, I have worked with diverse groups of people, including boxers, builders, fire fighters and Zapotec weavers in Mexico. My projects are formed out of a process of constructed or found social exchange, with ideas being proposed, recorded, performed and re-iterated. The resulting works can be seen as records and experiments in how sociability can be proposed and recorded in a shared experience.

My practice can be situated within various contemporary art forms including socially engaged practice and I am increasingly engaging with contemporary art discourses about fabric, as well as in notions of experimental ethnography and anthropology. I am also interested in exploring the social value of fabric in relationship to esoteric cultural practices. Reflecting the history of textiles in forging trans-regional connections and engaging with the use of design motifs as a tool for cultural branding, mimesis and affect. I am interested in fabric’s ability to wrap, comfort, soften, shield, conceal and display, and also in corrupting the social ‘form’ of fabric (as used in banners in protests, rallies, or ceremonies, for example), using it to rethink social expectations, and bring alternative social voices into an artistic discourse.

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