CONVENTIONS, 26 – 30 March 2019, The Box Plymouth Fig Futures 16/16, hosted by KARST

26 – 30 March 2019

Fig Futures 16/16, The Box, Plymouth, hosted by KARST

Conventions is an exploration of the sensory points of communal spaces, their uses and the behaviours that they engender. Laura Eldret’s new work suggests that spaces such as community halls or conference centres are both tactile and social, involving a deep awareness of others: in such spaces, chairs are for many bottoms to sit on, cups are for many hands to hold, and carpets for numerous feet to walk across. Conventions reflects on commonalities between social groups, suggesting shapes, abstract forms and patterns of activities to hold these unities.

Consisting of a floor-based installation of carpeting, a draped bench, chairs, a tea trolley and prototype cast concrete cups, the work invites visitors to tune into the haptic qualities of the spaces in which social interactions take place. In an era in which the values and ecologies of communal spaces are in flux, Conventions sets out to create an ad-hoc and temporary place of gathering. The space is intended to be conducive to communal collective activity, with the elixir of tea freely available. In lieu of the space being fully used in this way, it is also populated with a number of earlier works by Eldret. These pieces are all the product of Eldret’s prior engagements with specific social groups, while re-presented here they become new imaginary users of the space.

- Artist talk with fig-futures curator Yves Blais at the private view from 6.30pm.

- Images of the People, on Saturday 30 March, 2 - 3pm: writer and lecturer Dr. Colin Perry discusses ideas of publics and their places in relation to art, moving images, and visual culture.

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