Colour Me Blind

9 September - 3 October 2010

52 Meters Art Projects, London

Colour Me Blind was presented in a furniture shop in West London. Eldret masqueraded as a designer with a body of work executed in black and white. She produced an unlimited edition of upholstery fabric. Here, black-and-white imagery is employed for its multiple understandings: as a point of absolute (dark or light), as co-dependant opposites and for its aesthetically pleasing quality.

As an intervention within the furnished environment, it takes the notion of the artist's hand to the extreme: it is both an unlimited edition and a unique artwork. The fabric design takes the classic black-and-white stripe as a starting point. Freehand markings are layered on and inverted, creating a sophisticated pattern which is both sequenced and random.

52 Metres is a furniture shop that presents art projects as an antidote to the white cube. Providing a hyperbolic domestic space that addresses the re-translation of contemporary artists practice in furnished environments.

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